um, just a thought: why do people get so mad when you ship someone with somebody who’s married? like… it’s just a ship… i’m not pointing a gun at their heads saying “you two have be together” or anything…

  • Taylor Swift fandom 50% of the time: oh my gosh bby tay's so cute little angel, you're such a dork let me hug you
  • Taylor Swift fandom other 50% of the time: sHES SO FUCKING HOT I CANT EVEN OH MY GOSH HER LEGS OH MYGOD JUST KILL ME NOW

"my weird otp, save me, they try to tell me how to feel. this love is difficult, but it’s real." me tbh

alright so guess who tried to keep these feelings hidden and not do anything about them anymore and try to think they wouldn’t be good together anyway bc of some reasons there but then heard taylor is going on the voice and all those feelings came rushing back and now is about to cry bc knows for the hell damn sure that they’d be the fucking most perfect couple in the whole wide world if they could happen

yea thats me



my otps may be weird but they make me happy and that’s more than enough