people tan so they can look pretty. i tan and i end up looking weird idek why


mom: but honey, you’re special to *me*


so if you’ve gone to the speak now tour, your right to complain about life was officially taken away from you right there


" The love I got is so much deeper than you could ever feel."

can someone explain to me the meaning of “crank it up” since my first language is not english and stuff and i’ve looked everywhere and i honestly can’t find it

God, i miss this Taylor so much, i can’t even say.

I’m not saying i hated the Red album, but the Red era was the worst! I’m not even scared to say i miss the old Taylor (the person she was up until the Speak Now era) and this new Taylor kinda bothers me. She’s changed so much, not only because she grew up, but also because of quite a few friendships she’s made along the way. I liked the Red album, but the Red era was extremely disappointing and i think Taylor should try not to lose that sweet essence she used to show off.

all fandoms are just so hard to stay in nowadays that it’s making me wonder if pain is more trouble than the love for the idol itself is worth…



uuuh one of the cutest little moments they wrote in :)

what’s with these people who won’t let you ship two people because one of them is married? like.. i dont care!?! thats just an opinion i have, you know? it doesnt mean that how i feel about them will ever change anything